Another major California project was under bid, is vastly over budget and third world embarrassingly behind schedule?! Faith and begorrah! 18:13:58 63 018 Miter
In Development - Rutherford Alfred Pinefore Esquire Edition
Several features relative to #Project47 continue to be added to our website as we draw closer to our season premiere this Fall. We anticipate numerous alterations throughout the Summer. Subordinate and additional projects continue unabated notwithstanding a distinctive lull in activity due to preparations for Project 47. FV3* production is expected to return after 60 days with a release of the final series of episodes once per 20 days. Meanwhile...

1. Project 47 1X01 (Season Premiere)
2. FV3* Documentary 1X02 Production
3. FV3* Documentary 1X03, X04, X05 Pre-Production
4. Negotiations Short Film (Writing)
5. Whyte Noyz "Anthem" (Writing)
6. DIY Steadicam Build
7. Perrier "Commercial" (viz. FV3* 1X04)
Piracy and Democratic Dictatorship
As our examination of the human condition persists, we have derived several peremptory components to be applied to forthcoming projects.

The original tenet for Project 47 administered sincerity for humanity with provisions that cultures, regardless of their station in evolution, was apt to self-govern. At present, this has been dimensionally perceived to be false. The environmental conditions thusly applied require a more imperious engineering as a successive step. It is in this caveat that we have re-marked our venture:
"Piracy is a war-like act committed by non-state actors (private parties not affiliated with any government) against parties of a different nationality, or against vessels of their own nationality at sea, and especially acts of robbery and/or criminal violence [viz. at sea]. People who engage in these acts are called pirates. The term can include acts committed on land, in the air or in other major bodies of water." []

*   *   *
Governance of a populace can be inundated by a republic, defying expeditious efficacy. Commonly enacted dictatorships tend to deliberate legislature without a plurality. It is believed that the both can subsist symmetrically in a democratic substrate. Project 47's intentions moving forward will be to exhume a distended republic and exercise singularity by way of majority legislation and propose to demonstrate this articulation in subsequent episodes.
Fail Blog Poorly Dressed - Brooklyn Shore
A photograph we took 366 days ago is currently being featured on Fail Blog's Poorly Dressed home page. Voting 'thumbs up' is a vote against New York City.
Business Card No. 18
Having exhausted fifteen long years into a near American Psycho-esk state over the development of a functional, multi-purposed business card; we have arrived at our first successful destination.

Portability, identity and encased within a near limitless supply, the pocket stamp with our personalized internet dialogue (search?q=Tv+Miller) has become our "Ace of Spades". Applicable anywhere and should further information be necessary, an impersonal, old-fashioned, unfeigned, hand written note will suffice. [Vistaprint Pocket Stamp $11.24 ea. #shill]

InDev - Southern Aggression Edition
The following list are projects currently being given anteriority regard.

1. Project 47 Episode 1x01 Podcast
2. FV3* (1x02 and Website)
3. DIY Steadicam (Tv Miller Edition)
4. Whyte Noyz "Anthem"
5. The Tv Music Band "Regards"
6. Short Films (4) Sketch Variety