Another major California project was under bid, is vastly over budget and third world embarrassingly behind schedule?! Faith and begorrah! 18:13:58 63 018 Miter
Roof Raft
The Rat Pack Operational Readiness Status
Everybody Draw Mohammed Day II - The Amazing Moha-Man
Plugtite Version 2.0
In collaboration with our efforts to learn Google Sketchup while advancing our preceding casting model, these images are our most current draft of the Plugtite "leg" which we will be prototyping over the next several days.
Earthquake Prediction
Following a frequency of devastating earthquakes along the circumference of the "Pacific Ring of Fire" over the last 10 years, we here at Tv Miller LLC. have taken it upon ourselves to evaluate the data applicable to tectonic engineering and have inferred the following prediction of pending events:

8.2 Mw 240 km SE of Valdez, Alaska 335 to 365 072 (Dec. 2011)
6.5 Mw 40 km SW of Bakersfield, California 1 to 31 072 (Jan. 2012)

Margin of error is 98.27% irrefutable.