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The Rat Pack Operational Readiness Status
06:6.22 6-11 OTC
[Update] 10:05 84 17 071 LAWFORD
Project 47 Announcement Coming Soon
08:18.44 5-11 OTC
A substantial announcement on behalf of Project 47 will be made in the coming days that we anticipate will greatly effect all future endeavors from Tv Miller LLC in the coming year. Stay tuned.

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day II - The Amazing Moha-Man
07:31.27 1-11 OTC
View last year's entry here. [Link]

Plugtite Version 2.0
06:21.49 364-10 OTC
In collaboration with our efforts to learn Google Sketchup while advancing our preceding casting model, these images are our most current draft of the Plugtite "leg" which we will be prototyping over the next several days.