Another major California project was under bid, is vastly over budget and third world embarrassingly behind schedule?! Faith and begorrah! 18:13:58 63 018 Miter
In Development - Sour Cream and Chives Edition
Here's what is stewing in the pot. (10 of 138)

1. DIY Shower Head Temperature Gauge
2. Project 47 1X01 (Pre-Production)
3. FV3* Documentary 1X02 Production
4. FV3* Documentary 1X03, X04, X05 Pre-Production
5. Negotiations - Short Film (Writing)
6. Whyte Noyz "Anthem" (Writing)
7. DIY Steadicam Build
8. Cubed Restaurant (Architecture, Menu)
9. Perrier Commercial (FV3* 1X04, Pre-Production)
10. "125th Subway Stop" Sketch (Pre-Production)
FleshliPad Concept (Fleshlight iPad Case)
This conceptual design titled the FleshliPad holder, melds the Fleshlight device to a rubber housing for the Apple iPad (or alternative tablet) allowing the cumsumer to interactively reach self-gratification with various pre-recorded multimedia (photograph, video or animation) designed specifically for the tablet-penis interface. This design was recently pitched to Brian Shubin, Vice President of Interactive Life Forms (dba. Fleshlight).

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Spartan Race New York Results
Spartan Race
#11099 Miller, Tv
New York, NY
Age Group: MAll
Competitive Wave: Wave 1
Start: 05:59:32.8
Official Finish: 01:07:23.4
Overall: 33 of 258
Men: 28 of 170
MAll: 28


I had a dream it would end this way...laying in a ditch covered in mud and grass, bleeding profusely. Little was I aware that no enemies stood over me but, race promoters. According to the Spartan Race officials, this was their most destructive course yet devised. Built into a ski slope, not one distance held level ground. Immediately you were confronted with a slope to the top that scavenged my subpar cross country training for salt. I find need to hail excuses such as the 3 hours of sleep following 6 hours of work the night before, the improper diet pre-race and inadequate gear, but the truth laid bare when combating grades like this that training was my Achilles'. However, for every distance lost on the hike, I gained on the obstacle. An array of jungle gym accessories were keen to my skill set of agility...sans for one. A Home Depot 5 gallon bucket, gravel and that god damned slope. There was no sweet spot to be found on that ascent. A worthy mention as well to the 36 meter uphill mud and barbed wire crawl followed by (two further ascents and) a downhill ice barbed wire crawl. 1 hour and 7 minutes later I was assaulted by 3 guards of the gates (see video) which now has me here clutching my side, not in agony but as humbled. Succinctly, a worthy contention for the competitive and those seeking mental merits. I come away with assertions to improve. [Photographs: Daniela Travaglini]

[Update] This following video best represents roughly 80% of the course (sans 5 to 7 obstacles and climbs) as run by Guinness record holder and winner Hobie Call (00:39:58.1). Tv Miller is alongside Hobie Call from 00:00:41 to 00:01:00.
Spartan Race Live
Tomorrow, we are scheduled to compete in the 09:00EST "Elite" heat (#11099) of the Spartan Race in Tuxedo, New York. Prior to and following the event, we will be tweeting and twitpicing live. Follow us at

Spartan Sprint Race
Tuxedo, New York, N.A. 10987
09:00EST "Elite" Heat (#11099)
[Spartan Race] [GMaps]
In Development - Rutherford Alfred Pinefore Esquire Edition
Several features relative to #Project47 continue to be added to our website as we draw closer to our season premiere this Fall. We anticipate numerous alterations throughout the Summer. Subordinate and additional projects continue unabated notwithstanding a distinctive lull in activity due to preparations for Project 47. FV3* production is expected to return after 60 days with a release of the final series of episodes once per 20 days. Meanwhile...

1. Project 47 1X01 (Season Premiere)
2. FV3* Documentary 1X02 Production
3. FV3* Documentary 1X03, X04, X05 Pre-Production
4. Negotiations Short Film (Writing)
5. Whyte Noyz "Anthem" (Writing)
6. DIY Steadicam Build
7. Perrier "Commercial" (viz. FV3* 1X04)