Fail Blog Poorly Dressed - Brooklyn Shore
01:23.48 41-11 OTC
A photograph we took 366 days ago is currently being featured on Fail Blog's Poorly Dressed home page. Voting 'thumbs up' is a vote against New York City.
Project 47 Season 1 Episode 1 Announcement Delay
03:36.31 37-11 OTC
@TvMiller Due entirely to our lousy audio recording capabilities, we have suspended the Project 47 announcement until this can be resolved. [Link]
Business Card No. 18
20:33.33 27-11 OTC
Having exhausted fifteen long years into a near American Psycho-esk state over the development of a functional, multi-purposed business card; we have arrived at our first successful destination.

Portability, identity and encased within a near limitless supply, the pocket stamp with our personalized internet dialogue (search?q=Tv+Miller) has become our "Ace of Spades". Applicable anywhere and should further information be necessary, an impersonal, old-fashioned, unfeigned, hand written note will suffice. [Vistaprint Pocket Stamp $11.24 ea. #shill]

InDev - Southern Aggression Edition
02:4.32 27-11 OTC
The following list are projects currently being given anteriority regard.

1. Project 47 Episode 1x01 Podcast
2. FV3* (1x02 and Website)
3. DIY Steadicam (Tv Miller Edition)
4. Whyte Noyz "Anthem"
5. The Tv Music Band "Regards"
6. Short Films (4) Sketch Variety
Metro Dash Participation Cancelled
04:4.46 25-11 OTC
Our participation in the New Jersey Metro Dash has been cancelled. At this time we are evaluating if we care. Conclusions after these commercial messages.

Are you concerned that your drunken escapades have gotten out of control? Drink Absolut Turnip. Please drink excessively.

We have come to the conclusion that our care ranks on par with our concern governing this mysterious misdirected hair follicle on our arm.